Hi there!
The Avatar
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive; 16
Powers Firebending, Airbending
Other statistics
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Group Team Avatar
Location Republic City


Noah -member of Team Avatar

 – Janurary 5, 2013

Hi there! I'm the Avatar!

Noah is the new Avatar, a Firebender. He has learned Airbending in his time at Air Temple Island. He has yet to learn Waterbending and Earthbending.


Early LifeEdit

Noah was born to a young couple in 184ASC on the island of Kyoshi Island. He was beaten and brused by his parents, but once he learned Firebending, a skill neither of them possessed, he could fight back. He inherited his Firebending from his great-great-grandfather, Fire Lord Zuko. Soon after, he started to show signs of poor development. His parents were depressed about this, for they thought it was their fault. But soon after, Noah learned how to Airbend, and their hopes soared sky-high then. They called the Order of The White Lotus, and they took him to the Fire Nation to learn his Firebending.

Training in the Fire NationEdit

Noah was shipped off to the Fire Nation to learn Firebending, under his teacher Ni-Son. As his training progressed, he showed amazing performance. It was hard having to train a Firebender with such an open and free mind. But he eventually did it, and after his evaluation, it was time to go to Republic City, to learn his Airbending with Air Master Tizaro at Air Temple Island. But a tragedy struck just as they were leaving. The airship that they boarded crashed into a large rock formation, just coming off the ground. Nobody knows exactly what happened -- the rock wasn't there, then it was there -- but all is known is that Noah saved them with a coushin of air, which let them land safely on the ground with.

Training at Air Temple IslandEdit

Soon after that incident, Noah found himself on another airship to Republic City. Once he got there, he was greeted by Air Master Tizaro, the Air Acolytes, and Tizaro's family. He started Airbending training right away. But something didn't feel quite right to Noah. When he would go out and roam the city, he would see all kinds of benders, butwhat was so strange about this is, they would seemingly hide from him as he passed by. He suspected something was up, and told Tizaro. He told him -- since he was on the UNR Council -- that another councilman had proposed having a sort of bending police, to keep the people in check. Noah didn't like this idea, but he had to get used to it, since he couldn't do anything about it yet.


Noah is a very nice person; he has an open mind, he's always welcome to new ideas, but he does want justice when it is needed. His Firebending is great, he's excelling, and his Airbending really shows his open mindset. He doesn't pick a fight when not needed. When he does have to fight, he looks for every opening, every way he could take his opponent out. When he is not training or in his room reading about the history of the Avatar, he's out in the city, the park or just the streets, socializing and secretly protecting.

Powers and GearEdit

Noah is an amazing Firebender, and he is excelling in Airbending. He wears regular Fire Nation garb. He has a necklace that he got from his mother; it is made out of wood, it has Avatar Kyoshi carved on it. It was originally painted, though the paint has worn off by now. When he isn't using his bending to protect himself, he's either using a small knife, or a 6-foot pole. He has a pet Fire Ferret, which he named Toby. He found Toby while he was outisde wandering around one day. He stumbled upon him, and asked his parents if he could keep him. They said no, though he didn't listen. He hid Toby in a small shack that nobody used. Ever since then they have gone everywhere.