Air Master Tizaro
Air Master
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive; 48
Powers Airbending
Other statistics
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Group Team Avatar
Location Republic City
Owned by User:JediForJesus.


Tizaro -member of Team Avatar
-Air Master

 – Janurary 5, 2013


Tizaro is the Air Master who lives at Air Temple Island. He was born on the same island, to the grandchldren of Avatar Aang.


Tizaro grew up as the son of Rohan, one of Air Master Tenzin's sons. He grew up learning about his past, and how to Airbend. He wasa slow learner, but once he grasped the idea, he became the best Airbending student. He grew to become a great man, and took the place of the former Air Master when he died. But tradgically, one day a group of gang members, drunken by alcohal, came in and killed a quarter of the people who lived on the island. Tizaro spent the next month grieving, for one of the people killed was his own father. Yet he overcame the grief, and after the incident, he has become more mature, and more responsible. He has taken the Avatar Noah in to train. He currently trains the children on the island, and has three children of his own.


Tizaro is very mature and responsible, yet he can let go and have some fun occasionally. He is very protective of his wife and children. He always has an open mind, and never leaves a thought un-noted. He is very responsible with Noah. Not much is known about Tizaro, and he is very secretive sometimes.